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Translucent Systems by Super Sky Products are a cost-effective and low maintenance method of providing high quality natural daylighting in to building interiors. Polycarbonate glazing is utilized to provide a lightweight glazing material that provides evenly diffused translucent light to a building's interior. When the primary objective is natural light on a budget, and transparency is not the primary objective, Translucent Systems are the solution.

The best uses for Translucent Systems are canopies, gymnasiums, libraries, educational facilities, and medical venues. Translucent Systems eliminate “hotspots” and glare, reducing the need for ancillary shading systems. As important is the insulation performance. Translucent Systems can provide U-Values of .42 all the way down to .17. The lower the U-value - the better insulation provided (U-value is the reciprocal of R-Values commonly used for roofing and insulation materials).

Translucent Systems utilize UV stabilizers and protect against yellowing which extends the life of the polymers used in the glazing materials. There are numerous levels of warranties on the market from various manufacturers - all claiming to offer the best protection against UV degradation. We urge you to evaluate each one carefully and are confident that Super Sky Product's provides the best and most comprehensive warranty on the market.

Any Translucent Systems should feature condensation control which is common to the window, curtainwall, and skylight industry backed by stringent testing per AAMA and ASTM guidelines. Many competitors focus their attention and steer customers towards the benefits of their glazing panels. It is our opinion that it is important to design, specify, and purchase a true Translucent System and not just a Translucent Panel.

Our systems are sold through glazing manufacturers as well as directly to general contractors and the end user. We offer competitive pricing for installation of our translucent systems.


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