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UV Stable Acrylic provides a vast array of possibilities for interior and exterior applications. Do you want to create a vertical façade of glazing 32’0” high by 75’0” long? Without intermediate support structure? It can be done with 4” thick cast acrylic panels. Do you want to enhance interior spaces with colorful patterns and textures? It can be done with cast acrylic panels with an infinite number of patterns available. Do you want to create a custom lit feature for your lobby or entrance? Acrylic is a perfect choice due to the light transmitting properties of the material.

Acrylic panels provide numerous benefits that conventional materials can not match. Acrylic panels can be cast up to 24” thick to provide structural integrity and spanning capabilities. Rods, tubes and other shapes can also be used as either structural members or as decorative elements in exterior and interior environments. Have a water feature or aquarium application? Reynolds Polymer Technologies is the leader in acrylic water retention with superior engineering and fabrication techniques.

Acrylic Glazing Systems - Textures Panels - Reynolds Technologies

Reynolds latest introduction to the architectural marketplace is R-Cast Mirage, R-Cast Palette, R-Cast Ice, and R-Cast Wave panels. The panels can be used in just about any environment and offer beautiful patterns, colors, and textures to artfully showcase and enhance their surroundings. R-Cast Mirage panels provide infinite patterns and designs through the disublimation process. You provide the artwork and/or photos, and Reynolds will create an acrylic panels with the design embedded in the acrylic. R-Cast Textures Panels (Ice, Wave, Textures) provide unique three dimensional relief patterns to the surface of the acrylic. These patterns provide a unique sculpted appearance to the panels. The best feature of the panels is Reynolds fabricates the panels from the resin to the finished panel, unlike many competitors who buy stock sheets and resell them as custom acrylic.

Let Bleecker Associates help you with your new project. Give us the vision and we will assist you in the selection of a “one of a kind” acrylic application that will dazzle the eye and enhance the surrounding space.

All References to R Cast are proprietary R-Cast™ brands of Reynolds Polymer Technology Inc.

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