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Balco Architectural Building Products - Balco, Inc. is a recognized leader in code-compliant, LEED-qualified Manufactured Building Components. For over 50 years, Balco has engineered, manufactured, and installed energy-efficient, highly durable, code-compliant architectural components, manufactured in the United States, which meet or exceed safety requirements and industry standards for new and existing interior and exterior applications. Balco’s Architectural Products include extensive lines of Interior and Exterior Expansion Joint Systems; Stair Nosings; entrance way, walkway, grate, and drainage components; in addition to, Photoluminescent Emergency Exit Markings, illumination strips, and glow-in-the-dark Signage Systems.

Balco and Bleecker Associates are committed to bringing our clients top-quality manufactured building components - engineered and crafted today to meet the design and construction requirements of tomorrow. Balco is also recognized for delivering proven performance in working with multidimensional thermal and seismic movement, fire safety concerns, drainage issues, service objectives, and environmental criteria. Their teams of skilled engineers and construction management professionals have established industry benchmarks for innovative designs and manufacturing processes, enabling Balco to customize their products to the needs of your building projects at competitive prices.

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Balco is well known for manufacturing Architectural Products which meet or exceed LEED standards for manufactured architectural components. LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is the nationally accepted benchmark for the design, construction, and operation of high performance green buildings. LEED standards provide building owners a consistent set of compliance tools and performance criteria to assist them in developing immediate and measurable performance improvements for new construction and existing building projects.

Bleecker Associates and Balco Inc., have the ability to provide our clients an extensive product line of Architectural Products and Architectural Building Components. Some of these Architectural Products include:

Expansion Joint Systems

Metal and Flexible Joint Covers (standard and custom) suitable for concrete slabs, floors, carpeted and finished flooring, walls, ceilings, and roofs. Expansion Joint Systems are LEED points qualified - EA Credit 4: Ozone protection - No HCFCs or Halons, non-radioactive, and non-toxic with zero VOCs. In addition, Balco Expansion Joint Systems are manufactured using 25% post-consumer & 50% post-industrial materials which are aluminum based and completely recyclable.

DuraFlex Exterior Expansion Joint Systems

DuraFlex Expansion Joint Systems are LEED points qualified and perfect for exterior applications; especially, projects involving strict waterproofing requirements. Balco’s Exterior Joint systems are also ideal for enclosed buildings, parking decks, and open-air structures. Systems include - deck, chambered seal, elastic seal, rubber block, compression seal, flat seal, membrane systems, steel rail joint systems, seismic cover plates, and fire barriers.

Photoluminescent Emergency Exit Path Markings & Exit Signs

Balco’s Photoluminescent Emergency Exit Markings & Exit Signs have earned UL Certification and meet or exceed UL Codes and International Building Code Standards for interior and exterior applications. Photoluminescent Systems are charged by ambient light and provide bright emergency lighting during a power loss. These systems are suitable for Stair Nosings, path and hallway use, handrails, doors, obstructions, and entryway or exit markers. They are Ozone safe, PVC free, Zero VOCs, and non-toxic and non-radioactive.

Stair Nosings

Balco’s Stair Nosings can be installed during or after construction for interior or exterior installation. Our single and two-component systems are aesthetically pleasing and are available in aluminum, cast iron, abrasive, retrofit, and bronze with either screw-secured or drive-fit systems. Balco Stair Nosings are LEED point qualified, non-electric, ambient light charged and energy-efficient.

Floor Mats - Floor Grids

Balco offers LEED points qualified Floor Mats & Floor Grids. These Floor Mats & Grids are visually appealing, versatile, and will capture dirt and moisture at entryways. They have durable vinyl hinges – available in all aluminum systems. Floor Mats & Grids have a low maintenance requirement which contributes to reductions in overhead.

Trench Covers - Access Covers

Aluminum Trench Designs by Balco provide the durability a building owner expects from steel or cast-iron - plus certain value added benefits, such as welded corners and easy handling due to the advantages of aluminum. Balco's LEED points qualified Trench & Access Covers have various Surface options; including, plain brushed-aluminum, abrasive slip-resistant epoxy, diamond safety tread, and a recessed design that can be customized and matched to existing floor treatments.

Metal Grates – Metal Frames

Balco Metagrate Drain and Trench Grates, available in aluminum and bronze, will enhance the appearance of any area where an attractive metal floor grate, trench drain, or metal-frame drainage system is desired, such as, fountains, planters, fountain or plaza areas, and pool areas. These Drain & Trench Grates have concealed locking mechanisms; helping to make these metal grating systems tamper-resistant and secure. In addition, Balco's Galvanized Metal, Aluminum, or Stainless Steel Trench Liners, which help reduce long term maintenance costs, are also available with certain systems.

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